Putting the Autism Puzzle Pieces Together

This material is public domain. Please use all means possible to copy and share it with anyone who can benefit from it. It has been designed to be printed and place in a binder type folder so it can be kept with other handout (from conferences, seminars, IRPs, report cards, progress reports, etc.) that you have acquired while on your journey to understand Autism. It is also an ongoing work in progress.

I started out by drawing up a five page presentation outline, and then I wanted to expand upon that. It was not until I had expanded it to 11 pages and counting that I realized that I was writing a book. I have been jokingly telling people ever since that, “It was an accident, I did not mean to write a book, I just did.” I have had many “accidents” like this over the course of my life. Because this started out as a teaching outline, part of this book will still read as such, and therefore may lack the elaboration necessary to understand it. This will be in future editions, which will be downloadable as free PDF files on this website.

1st Edition

2nd Edition

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