Month: April 2019

Downloads of the 2019 Autistic Appreciation Conference


Session 1a: My Personal Social Successes (Jason Bunn-Parsons, CPSS)

Session 1b: Getting Autistic Aspie Off Public Assistance – Abridged (Jason Bunn-Parsons, CPSS [Just the solution])

Getting Autistic Aspie Off Public Assistance (Jason Bunn-Parsons, CPSS [Unabridged version for those who are interested, but will not be used during the conference.  Assessing the problems in order to understand the necessity of the purposed solutions])

Session 2: Vocational success pre- post-diagnosis (Sue Golubock, M.Ed., OT [Co-Organizer of Pile Center Autistic/Aspie Support Group])

Session 3: Everything Autistics Aspies Really Need to Know About Social Skills (Jason Bunn-Parsons, CPSS & Aaron Foster, MA, LAC, CRC, CRSS [RI International])