Downloads of the 2019 Autistic Appreciation Conference

  Session 1a: My Personal Social Successes (Jason Bunn-Parsons, CPSS) Session 1b: Getting Autistic Aspie Off Public Assistance – Abridged (Jason Bunn-Parsons, CPSS [Just the solution]) Getting Autistic Aspie Off Public Assistance (Jason Bunn-Parsons, CPSS [Unabridged version for those who are interested, but will not be used during the conference.  Assessing the problems in order to understand theContinue reading “Downloads of the 2019 Autistic Appreciation Conference”

Conflicts Between Autistics and Non-Autistics

Over the past couple of weeks, 2 different wives of Autistic husbands have contacted me to discuss the conflict that they have been having with their spouses. This isn’t news to be because there has always been much higher level of conflict between Autistics and non-Autistics. My intent is to have a balanced discussion aboutContinue reading “Conflicts Between Autistics and Non-Autistics”

Identifying the Needs and Assessing the Solutions of the Autism Community

  I’m putting the series of Autistic/Aspie Social Skills on hold because I’m in the process of changing venues.  I appreciate Ability 300 allowing us to use their facilities free of charge, but there has been a problem with people being able to read the PowerPoints due to design of the classroom.  So in June,Continue reading “Identifying the Needs and Assessing the Solutions of the Autism Community”

Brief History of Autism

  Links affiliated with video:   PowerPoint Slides of presentation: brief-history-of-autism-public-version   “Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact” (1943) [Slides 5 & 33]:   History of Blame (PBS) [Slides 14-15, 17 & 22]:   Guide to the Richard Pollak Collection of Bruno Bettelheim Research Materials 1863-2006 (University of Chicago) [Slide 16]:   PortlandContinue reading “Brief History of Autism”