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1) Providing a SCIENTIFIC, CLINICAL & EXPERIENTIAL Based Defense of “Neurodiversity.”

2) Helping Autistics Develop Effective Self-Management Skills.

3) Teaching Autistics How to Advocate for Themselves.

4) Speaking on Behalf of Autistics Who Cannot Speak for Themselves.

5) Providing Informed Referrals for Who Need Them.

6) Solutions for Parents Who Need Childcare to Attend Meetings.

7) Working to Bring More Uniformity in Autism Diagnoses.

8) Providing Direct Input to Researchers…

a. …when they are deciding what projects to pursue.

b. …about the consistency of their findings with our own personal experiences.

c. …by providing them with an autism database for the purposes of statistical analysis and developing strategies for how to help autistics.

d. …in order to come up with a complete list of agitates that effect many autistics as well as effective countermeasures that will bring relief to autistics and their loved ones who are effected by them.

9) Bringing Recognition to those Who Provide Actual Support and Services

10) Having the term “Autism Spectrum Disorder” replaced with “Autism Paradox”

Expository of Practices the AAC Supports


1) Censoring Viewpoints of Autism that Differs Your Own

2) Exaggerating the Struggles of Autistics, Especially by Fundraisers

3) Labels that Gage an Autistic’s Functionality as…

a. …Permanent

b. …All Encompassing

4) Definitions of Autism that Only Professionals Can Understand and Use

5) Using Absolute Stereotypes to Define Autism

6) Defining Autism Solely by its Negative Manifestations

7) Assuming that Different Equals Disability

8) Equating “Normalization” to a “Cure” for Autism

9) Using Abusive Methods of Behavioral Modification

10) Using Medication as a First of Resort

Expository of Practices the AAC Opposes

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