Mountain View School

This video I secretly recorded (8/27/13) of my 2nd to last meeting with my now former principle, & am now releasing, combined with the unwillingness of anyone that I know personally to stand with me as I give a discrete ultimatum to the powers that be, are the final straws. Why wouldn’t they stand by me?

1) I might be sued for slander: I can’t be sued for slander if I don’t slander. I understand there’s a difference between what I know I can prove & what I suspect to be true, but can’t prove. If I can’t prove, I don’t share it with anyone who I don’t consider to be a wise confidant who can advise me about the situation.

2) If I wasn’t giving a, “respond to my grievances are I go public,” then they would support me: I’ve lost all faith that anyone will take the grievance of an Autistic seriously unless such an ultimate is made. So because they won’t support me in dealing with this behind closed doors, like I wanted to do in the 1st place, I’m now going public.

I talked by phone to a former supervisor at the school letting her know what I attended to do last Wednesday what I’d be doing this today, she said she’d inform the principle. No one from the school (Mountain View School), nor school district (Washington School District, Phoenix, AZ, USA) has contacted me since in order to attempt to talk me out of it. I waited until after the close of the business day today in order to give the school & school district ample opportunity to contact me, as well as to attend a prayer meeting.

I don’t think I need to give a lot of background info about this video because I made sure to make enough statements that would fill in the blanks during the meeting. So let me give you 5 questions/statements about what’s on the video for you to consider as you watch it. Remember, I wanted to deal with these issues behind closed doors, which may have led to satisfactory answers & solutions. However, no one is will give me the backing in order that the powers that be would have to listen. So if I’m going to be denied my right to express these grievances in privet, than I’m going to express them in public.

1) I made reference in the video to a resume that shows my qualifications to perform the job that is want to perform in the schools. A PDF download can be found on this website:

Click to access online-functional-resume1.pdf

2) Does the principle’s response to my allegation of dereliction by 3 aids assigned to 1 of the Special Ed Kindergarten classes an indication of what he thinks about the class, or that an Autistic who had applied for 1 of those position over the previous summer was bringing the allegation?

3) I was eventually proven right about how I had no chance of getting employment as an aid when I received call backs for any specific position that was available.

4) What exactly did the principle mean by “You didn’t get into this position overnight, likewise, you’re probably not going to get out of it overnight?” (5:53 mark of the video) This is the kind of statement that you make about someone when you’re blaming them for the situation that they are in. If I as a volunteer had been causing problems at school, I wouldn’t be entitled to any due process & could have been immediately dismissed. I talked to the Master Librarian, June, about my performance shortly after this video, & she assured me that she’s had giving but positive reports about me whenever she’s been asked.

So what exactly did I do to “get into this position” that I’m “probably not going to get out…overnight?” Is it my fault that I’m Autistic? Am I to blame for diagnosed until I was 40 resulting in my horrible work history that’s typical for Autistics, especially if they’re undiagnosed? Is there something else that I did wrong that no one has told me about?

5) I want confirmation from the teachers themselves that, not only that the emails were actually sent, but also what they actually said in them.

Not only did I record this meeting, but I recorded a meeting that I had with aforementioned supervisor about a month later (9/30/13). I then attempted to record my final meeting with the principle later that day, but I didn’t have enough memory on my tablet. So it stopped recording before he & I got to into the issues that led to my dismissal. I’m holding back the 2nd video because I really don’t want to do anymore damage that necessary. I wish it wasn’t necessary for there to be any damage, but it clear to me that’s not going to happen.

If the questions that I’ve asked in regards to this video are ever going to be answer, it will only be the result of pressure from the media. The media isn’t going to care unless their potential audience demonstrates they care by bombarding the media with demands that they look into this. I can break all the record for the most shares, likes & positive comments, but they all be meaningless unless people take it a step further to contact their local media about this.

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