Organizational Meeting (January 2015)

This 4 part video series is my report of the organizational meeting of “Phoenix Autism Community Social & Networking.” Due to the meeting being a complete Techo-failure, I wasn’t able to record it, so I’m doing this as an alternative.

To visit the “meetup” page that we used to promote this meeting locally, go to

In this video, I discuss the specific needs that the individuals who attended had met, as well as my position on professionals attending our meetings.

In this video, I discuss what was brought up during the meeting about the inclusionary needs (social, recreation, volunteerism, etc.) of Autistics.

In this 4th & final video of this series, I discuss the need for the creation of discussion group that provide a holistic understanding of Autism. This mean discussing Autism from the perspective of professionals & other non-Autistics, but from the perspective of Autistics as well. The 2 issues that I briefly bring up as examples are the educational & vocational struggles that Autistics have.

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