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I just came across this report on 3/15/14, so I’ve only been able to take a quick glance at it. I’ll see if I can make the time to do a more thrall report on this report like I did on the previous one.

The difference in how I worded the title of this report differs from the “2012 Report on the 2008 Rate of Autism” for a good reason. They used completely different methodologies for these two studies. The report published in 2012 was based on professionals examining documentation of the test subjects. The report published in 2013 was based on parental reporting. Therefore, comparing the findings of these reports to determine whether or not the rate of Autism is increasing is useless.

Nevertheless, according to the report published in 2013, a prior study was conducted in 2007 using this same methodology. If you want to compare reports, those are the two you should do so with.

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