Getting Autistics/Aspies Jobs & Off Public Assistance

This video references both of the following documents.  I recommend that you download both so you can see for yourself that my commentary on both of them is accurate.

2008 JAN (Job Accommodation Network: Accommodation and Compliance Series: Asperger’s Syndrome [Based on the DSM 4]):

2013 JAN (Job Accommodation Network: Accommodation and Compliance Series: Autism Spectrum Disorder [Based on the DSM 5]):

I spent more time during last month’s presentation talking about “the JAN” then I intended.  Because of this, I barely touch on my assessment of Voc-Rehab.  So this month, I focused almost solely on that.  However, I realized that I still left out a few points, so I attached an almost 10 minute amendment that I recorded early this afternoon to the presentation video.

After I finished & was getting ready to leave to the public library so I could use their super high speed internet to up load the video, I realized that there was still a couple of points that I intend to bring up.  However, I restrained my perfectionistic tendencies by realizing that these points would only further reinforced (or should I say dog piling on top of) points that I’d already made.

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