Getting Autistics/Aspies Jobs & Off Public Assistance

This video references both of the following documents.  I recommend that you download both so you can see for yourself that my commentary on both of them is accurate. 2008 JAN (Job Accommodation Network: Accommodation and Compliance Series: Asperger’s Syndrome [Based on the DSM 4]): 2013 JAN (Job Accommodation Network: Accommodation and Compliance Series:Continue reading “Getting Autistics/Aspies Jobs & Off Public Assistance”

Educational Struggles of Autistics

On March 21, 2015, 6 individuals with a personal interest in Autism meet together to discuss the “Educational Struggles of Autistics.” 4 officially diagnosed Autistics (Jason, Sam, Jon & Phillip) 1 who has been friends (Beth) of the Autistic who organized the meeting (Jason) for 20 years, & may herself be Autistic 1 Father (Bryan) ofContinue reading “Educational Struggles of Autistics”

Core Values

Downloadable PDFs GOALS 1) Provide a COMPLETE, CURRENT and USABLE understand of Autism 2) Form groups that promote constructive interaction between Autistics and Neurotypicals DEFINITION OF AUTISM Autism is an atypical neurological connectivity paradox resulting in heightened activity in some areas of the brain and decreased activity in others, compared to neurotypicals. WHO ARE AUTISTICS?Continue reading “Core Values”