Getting Autistics/Aspies Jobs & Off Public Assistance

This video references both of the following documents.  I recommend that you download both so you can see for yourself that my commentary on both of them is accurate.

2008 JAN (Job Accommodation Network: Accommodation and Compliance Series: Asperger’s Syndrome [Based on the DSM 4]):

2013 JAN (Job Accommodation Network: Accommodation and Compliance Series: Autism Spectrum Disorder [Based on the DSM 5]):

I spent more time during last month’s presentation talking about “the JAN” then I intended.  Because of this, I barely touch on my assessment of Voc-Rehab.  So this month, I focused almost solely on that.  However, I realized that I still left out a few points, so I attached an almost 10 minute amendment that I recorded early this afternoon to the presentation video.

After I finished & was getting ready to leave to the public library so I could use their super high speed internet to up load the video, I realized that there was still a couple of points that I intend to bring up.  However, I restrained my perfectionistic tendencies by realizing that these points would only further reinforced (or should I say dog piling on top of) points that I’d already made.

Educational Struggles of Autistics

On March 21, 2015, 6 individuals with a personal interest in Autism meet together to discuss the “Educational Struggles of Autistics.” 4 officially diagnosed Autistics (Jason, Sam, Jon & Phillip) 1 who has been friends (Beth) of the Autistic who organized the meeting (Jason) for 20 years, & may herself be Autistic 1 Father (Bryan) of twin Autistic son & daughter who are in their last couple of months of Kindergarten.)

My Resume

Downloadable PDF

• 37 years on and off experience working with individuals with disabilities
• 34 years of experience as a utility volunteer mostly, for the churches that I have attended
• 34 years on and off experience in various forms of childcare
• 16 years on and off experience in various forms of cross-cultural assistance
• 4 years of experience in Autism advocacy and self-advocacy

• To work as part of a teaching team, subordinate to certified teacher, therapist, etc., to help children with special needs to live as productive of lives as they possibly can
• To provide the unique personal insights that Adult Autistic advocates/self-advocates have to offer while helping
• To become gainfully employed, and off public assistance, for the first time since May 2009

• Completion Certificate in Carpentry, Phoenix Job Corps, Phoenix, Arizona (1989)
• High School Diploma, Mesa High School, Mesa, Arizona (1988)

Activities and Achievements:
Vice-President, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, February-April, 1988.
Bowling League, First Place Team (1987)

10/12-9/13: Volunteer Library Assistant, ELL Assistant and PTO Member at Mountain View School, Phoenix, Arizona

9/09- present: After receiving my Autism diagnosis at the age of 40, I was mentored as an Autistic Self-Advocate by the co-organizers of the adult Autistic/Asperger’s support group at which I learned about Autism by Sue Golubock, M.Ed., OTR/L (Retired Occupational Therapist and Autistic) and Tara Marshall, BA, SLPA (Speech Language Pathology Assistant and Autistic). Dr. Bryan K. Woodruff, MD (Neurologist who has a personal interest in the Autistic community) instructs me on all things neurological.

7/93-9/96: Various lead and assistant teacher positions with Word of Grace Church’s Early Childhood department, which required completion of a seven week, fourteen hour, teacher training course taught by Lisa Ratan. This included study of basic childhood development concepts.

7/90-3/91: Teacher’s Assistant in a 4-K class at Word of Grace Church, Mesa.

2/87-5/88: Volunteered one hour per school day at Parkway Elementary School, the school that all special needs students attending Mesa Public Schools were bussed to prior to the passage of Article IX.

Childhood: Grew up with a younger sister, Kelly, with Downs syndrome.

• Wrote scripts for, and performed, puppet shows for:
2 churches in Mexico during a mission trip with Pure Heart Christian Fellowship (1997)
2 Community outreaches for the College and Career group of Word of Grace (1994)
Monthly shows for Word of Grace Church, Mesa, Arizona (1993-1996)
• Directed a troop of children puppeteers (1993-1994)
• Wrote and directed
A Christmas play that was performed by the children’s ministry of First Arabic Baptist Church, Phoenix, Arizona (2006)
A drama/comedy skit at a 12 step retreat (1992)

• “Putting the Autism Puzzle Pieces Together”
First Edition (Self-published as public domain on the internet, April 2013)
Second Edition (Projected to be self-published as public domain on the internet, October 2013)
• 6 page critique of the Center for Disease Control’s 2012 report on the 2008 rate of Autism
• “The Abrahamic Wars” (Unpublished due to copyright issues)
• “The Handbook of Christian Discipleship Recover” (Unpublished due to copyright issues)
• Commentaries on a variety of political, religious and sociological topics.
• “Real Life Allegories” (Short stories about lessons that I learned through various real life experiences.

Child care in correlation with various adult ministries, Vacation Bible School, van driver, donations pick-up and delivery, ESL Assistant Teacher, refugee assistance, etc.

Mission: The Autism Ambassadors Corps is a coalition of autistics and neurotypicals who seek to bring the entire autism community together in constructive dialog in order that all side can obtain mutual understanding and admiration for each other.

4/13: Invited by the Mountain View School to do a 30 minute presentation at a special event that is still to be scheduled.

4/13: Presented a 6 hour “Putting the Autism Puzzle Pieces Together” seminar in addition to annual conference

7/12: Presented on ministering to Disabilities, with an emphasis on Autism, at Greenway Bible Church’s “Youth Vacation Bible School”

4/12: Presented “Autism in the Church” seminar in addition to annual conference

4/11: Hosted the first of what are now annual Autism conferences at Covenant of Grace

1/11: Launched Autistic Mentoring Group at Sam Bartlow’s apartment in Mesa

1/11: Launched Autism Mutual Support Group at Covenant of Grace Christian Fellowship

10/10: AAC received a formal pledge of support from Covenant of Grace

5/10: There was a dispute between myself and the majority of Autistic Self-Advocates who believe that the only solution to our grievances was political activism. Everyone that spoke up, except for myself, rejected the concept of constructive dialog between Autistics and teachers as a waste of time because they would never listen to us.

Core Values

Downloadable PDFs


1) Provide a COMPLETE, CURRENT and USABLE understand of Autism

2) Form groups that promote constructive interaction between Autistics and Neurotypicals


Autism is an atypical neurological connectivity paradox resulting in heightened activity in some areas of the brain and decreased activity in others, compared to neurotypicals.


Autistics are human beings who have Autism. They have the same needs, wants, personality strengths and weakness, etc. as any other human being, but face unique challenges in having their needs and wants met. The subjects of what Autism is and who are Autistics are two uniquely different, yet interwoven subjects. The same can be said while discussing any group of people and the unique individuals that make up the group.


These Golden Rules provide autistics and their loved ones with the hope of personal dignity that comes through the understanding of one’s self, social inclusion, the possibility of self-improvement, the hope of achieving goals, etc.

1) Do unto Autistics as you would have other do unto you.

2) Believe that everyone, no matter their neurological configuration, should be given the benefit of the doubt that they can achieve their goals and overcome their personal challenges.


1) Providing a COMPLETE, SCIENTIFIC, CLINICAL and EXPERIENTIALLY understanding of Autism.

2) Helping Autistics to develop effective self-management skills that will allow them to function with as little special assistance and/or accommodations as possible.

3) Teaching Autistics who can advocate for themselves how to so.

4) Speaking about autism on behalf of those autistics who cannot speak for themselves.

5) Providing informed referrals for who need them.

6) Develop solutions for parents how need childcare for their autistic children in order to attend autism meetings.

7) Working to bring more uniformity in autism diagnoses.

8) Autistics providing direct input to researchers.

9) Bringing recognition to those who provide actual support and services.

10) Having the term “Autism Spectrum Disorder” replaced with “Autism Paradox.”


There are many different viewpoints on the subject of religion. This is not a major concern of mine because I, as a volunteer English teacher at Covenant of Grace Christian Fellowship, have seen many students of many faiths come to our church for free English classes. We do not attack their religious viewpoints and they do not attack ours. I have spent many hours doing social calls to the houses of Buddhists and Muslims. There have been a few occasions where they have engaged me in civilized and respectful dialog about our respective religions.

Contrary to popular misperception, the majority of the believers of all faiths are human beings who want nothing more than to live peaceable lives with their fellow human beings. The majority of us know that forcing our religious viewpoints down other’s throats is not only a waste of time, but also counterproductive. I have stated to many of my Muslim friends that if I have to attack their religion to prove my own, then there is something wrong with my religion. Any individual or church that refuses to accept this principle will not be allowed to participate in Autism Ambassadors Corps activities.

There is another factor to consider. The churches that I associate with and respect insist that one of the missions of the church is to show the love of God to all those with whom they come in contact. One of the ways that they do so is by starting programs that tend to the practical needs they see that people need. This ranges from offering social service type of assistance to providing emotional and spiritual support to those who are struggling. Educating such churches to the struggles of Autistics would compel many of them to want to do something to help. The Mentoring and Mutual Support Group models will give a format for them to make a difference in the lives of the Autistic community if the churches are given the flexibility to act like churches. The kind of churches that I just described would never align themselves with organizations that forbid them to act like a church.

However, there are many that are so hostile towards religion that they try to forbid anyone from discussing religion in their presence, even when the conversation is not directed toward them. Such attempts amount to these individuals attempting to force their viewpoints on everyone else. It is therefore the position of the ACC that CENSORSHIP IS THE GREATEST FORM OF INTOLERANCE. Those who place such demands on others to soothe their personal hostilities towards another’s religious viewpoints are guided by attitudes that are contrary to the mission of The Autism Ambassadors Corps. All such individuals and organizations will not be allowed to participate in AAC activities.

Hostility is not limited to the subject of religion. I know many autistics who are hostile towards just about all neurotypicals. This would include their parents, teachers, authority figures, authoritative figures, civil authorities, law enforcement, political viewpoints, etc. For this reason, some of the most knowledgeable Autistics I know cannot have a major role at our events. By the same token, those who are hostile towards the concept of neurodiversity cannot have major roles either. Such individuals can come as members of the general audience with the hope that they can be reasoned with, but we should not hesitate to forbid those whose hostilities undermine the mission of the Autism Ambassadors Corps from participating in our activities.